Are you being truthful and real in your life and performing at your best?

I support leaders, executives and business owners and I can help you too. With intentional LEADERSHIP and PERFORMANCE. In the capacity that works best for you as consultant, mentor or speaker.


All of my services are guided by a practical framework I developed, the Four Cs of Leadership: Context, Character, Communication and Competence. You can look at this model as a kind of compass, where each point is equally important in finding the right direction. Where growth in one area automatically influences the other creating a powerful multiplication impact, where 1+1 does not equal 2 but 10 or 100.


Intentional Leadership

Leadership is all about relationships. #Relationship & #Performance. Whether with yourself, your body, your work, your spouse, your kids – relationships offer the truest measure of success in your life.

The health of your business relies on the health of your leadership team. What does the health of your leadership team look like? Do you even know? Using the Four Cs of Leadership, I help you assess and develop your relational health at work and home. And I journey with you to keep you accountable, committed and motivated.

Change your company environment, your customer experience, your team work, your employee engagement…change your LIFE – by getting real about Intentional Leadership!

Leadership health is not an event, it is a journey of growth. Let’s measure and improve your leadership together.



It’s lonely at the top. Everybody looks to you to have the answers, to solve their problems and to lead perfectly at all times. But who can you turn to? Where is your safe space to be real and vulnerable, to get solid advice, without judgement?

Talk to me. I’ve been there, I’ve made the mistakes, and I speak from experience, both personally and professionally. I mentor CEOs and company presidents on an individual basis, and I also conduct one-on-ones with entire exec teams – in person or via conference call. The only real requirement is honesty: I work with people who are willing to be vulnerable with me, transparent and honest. On this journey we become professional and even personal friends – I’m there to celebrate your breakthrough moments and support you in the moments you’d rather keep private.

PS: I currently journey with C-Suite people globally in the USA, UK, UAE and SA. Please reach out for references.


Inspirational talks

A radical shift in perspective can be just the catalyst you need to effect positive change in your life. I know, because it happened to me.

After miraculously surviving a mountain bike accident, I got a second chance at life – and an entirely new perspective. Facing death made me face my regrets – and purpose to live my second chance without them.

In my talks and public speaking, I share stories from my life – my near-death experiences (yes there were two!!), my failed marriage and business blunders – and the insights they taught me. Insights about doing life well in today’s busy world, about the consequences of playing ostrich and, most importantly, about what is possible when you take action. 

NB: August 2010 I miraculously survived a horror mountain bike accident. Medically they can’t explain how I am alive. THEN, October 2021 I again miraculously survived Covid after 2 months in ICU. Medically it is impossible for me to be alive…medically my complete healing was also impossible! Find out how I share this journey through leadership in your business and personal life!


Communication intelligence

Different people communicate differently. And understanding the communication styles of other people – as well as your own – empowers you to connect effectively in all spheres of your life.

I’ll say it again: it’s all about relationships. I’ll show you how to identify – and perfect – your communication style, resolve conflict well, influence others with positive interactions and, ultimately, nurture success in all areas of your life.

Your next breakthrough might boil down to just one, simple word.

Being real. Such a simple idea, but one that so easily escapes us.

One that escapes even – and perhaps especially – the most accomplished among us. But, ironically, being real is at the heart of doing life well. For two reasons.

Firstly, because being real is about substance – something that lasts, something with character that will age well; not crack and peel at the first sign of trouble. It’s something that leaves a legacy.

And secondly, because being real – being authentic and honest – forms the foundation of good relationships, and relationships are at the core of every successful endeavour. Whether with yourself, your body, your spouse, your children, your staff, your clients – success is all about relationships (you’ll hear me say this a lot). Not just in your personal life, but in your professional life too.

I know, because I’ve been there.

I learned the (very) hard way about the difference between substance and appearance, the real and the veneer. A near-death accident and failed marriage – in the middle of a seemingly successful personal life and career – hit me hard and woke me up. This turning point inspired me to do life differently, authentically and simply. It made me passionate about building strong, trustworthy relationships and about helping others to do the same. It gave me real empathy for the struggles of others, especially for those who hide their struggles so well – the admired leader, the top executive, the sports captain, the ever-providing family man.

In short, it gave focus to life-long interests of mine – the complexities of the human condition, of human relationships, and the related dynamics of businesses that thrive. I set up shop 12 years ago as a life coach, business management consultant and mentor, drawing from my combination of qualifications – psychology, business management, change management and life and executive coaching – as well as those hard-won life lessons at the school of hard knocks.

LIVING MIRACLE – October 2021 at midnight I was rushed to ER with Covid. After 2 months in ICU, having stopped breathing and surviving two further events where medically I should have died, I was reunited with my family in December. What made this experience even more dramatic, was that I spent the entire time in ICU being 100% conscious and awake! 

Learn more about my experiences in ICU, what I learnt and applied about Leadership to help me walk out of ICU. These stories and principles  I share in my talks and workshops will change your life and your business.


Be Real Online is a membership platform giving you access to interactive recordings and live webinars on real life topics. It is the opportunity having access to a mentor without the great cost usually denying people this life changing journey.


Are you a business owner, C-suite executive, Senior Management or serving on a Board?

Are you a purposeful follower of Jesus Christ or desiring to be more so? Thing is, where do you find a safe space where you can ‘be real’ with yourself without being judged or criticised? Where walking with Jesus Christ and real life challenges become truth and real, not someones opinion.

 As the saying goes, “it is lonely at the top”, is a phrase I often hear from my clients. The challenges experienced at this level, especially in the aftermath of Covid-19, has increased substantially.

More and more leaders are struggling to be REAL LEADERS. Faced with difficult choices in the arena of Character, Bottom-line, Culture, Race, Religion, Hidden agenda’s and much more.

Outside of my one-on-one Leadership Mentoring this platform allows leaders to not only receive guidance on relevant Leadership Character, but to engage with like minded leaders facing similar challenges across the globe.

Become a more intentional and aware leader today by joining BE BOLD Leadership.